Winemaking philosophy

Our principles

  • Maximum nature. Minimum human intervention.
  • We are there, physically present, throughout the production process. From the grape to the wine, we observe, supervise, test. We are always alert and ready to assist a natural miracle with scientific knowledge and method, if and when necessary. Just as if the winery was a maternity hospital and wine was an infant about to come to the world.

Our values and our respect for nature lead us to these winemaking types:

  • Organic wines
  • No intervention wines
  • Biodynamic wines

Our aim

To make the greatest wine a place can give. To best express the terroir. Bring out its talents, its secrets, its single identity so that we reach the producer’s goals and aspirations.

Since the natural features of each place are particular to it and since we respect them 100%, the wine we make is one and only too.

As unique as its origins, as unique as you.

The terroir has so much to tell you. You have to possess the intelligence, the talent and the flexibility to understand it.


Our winemaking process

Step 1  Nature gives birth to the grape.

Step 2  We hand-pick the precious crops and take them to the winery with extreme love, care and caution.

Step 3  Science is there at the winery, eager to help, at nature’s beck and call, as grapes are turned into wine.

Wine is a living organism. Created by nature, raised by man. It is no chance that the French say “élevage du vin” and the Spanish “crianza”.