Vine Flowering – Fruiting

With the growth of the new shoots of the vine, the grapes appear in the form of inflorescences. The flowers are still closed, covered by the pith.

With the beginning of flowering, the first stamens begin to detach and fall, and the flowers (stamens, pistil) are now visible and fragrant! When 50% of the pistils are detached we say that we are in the stage of full bloom.

A blooming vineyard is a fragrant vineyard with a very fine, intoxicating aroma! This can be enjoyed for a while, as flowering lasts 8-15 days at most, depending on the ambient temperature.

The pollination of the flowers leads to the creation of the berries, therefore to the stage of fruiting, and the presence of grapes on the stems in their common form. The stages of flowering and pollination are very critical for the quality of the production.

They are favored by sunshine, heat and dry weather, while with the opposite conditions, such as rain and cold, problems such as anthorrhoea (fall of flowers, therefore poor fruiting) and poor fruiting (imbalance) can occur.