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We are there for you, every step of the way. From choosing and acquiring your vineyard to affixing the labels on your wine bottles.

We offer a complete range of services that allows you to be as flexible as you need with respect to the size of the investment, as well as to the degree of personal involvement in the project.

Oenological consulting

Guidance throughout the procedure followed from harvesting the grape, to bottling your wine. Specifically:

  • Oenological analyses
  • Wine monitoring
  • Vinification, aging, stabilization, bottling.
  • Modern and innovative vinification techniques:
    – Organic
    – Biodynamic
    – Experimental
    – No or low SO2 added
    – Wild fermentation
  • Winery management
  • Grape sourcing
  • Dealing and negotiating with suppliers.

Viticultural consulting

Yearly, everyday cultivation consulting, until grape harvest. Precision viticulture, adapted to the terroir.

  • Vine monitoring
  • Viticulture management
  • Plant protection management
  • Irrigation management
  • Conversion of vineyard into organic or biodynamic

Vineyard and winery

  • Advice on finding and purchasing the right field.
  • Vineyard installation study:
    – Vine variety selection
    – Soil preparation
    – Cost evaluation
    – Irrigation
  • Design & construction of a fully equipped winery, tailored to your needs.
  • Project management:
    We undertake all the necessary actions, regarding the oenological requirements of the project, in order to deliver to you a fully functional and productive vineyard and/or winery.

Assistance with wine collections

  • Evaluation of wines or wine collections
  • Build a personal wine collection for ageing, with our help.

Private wine cellar construction and design

Administrative support

  • We take on all the official-legal paperwork that your project requires, from an oenological point of view. For example, applications for plantation rights and production declarations.
  • Subsidy dossiers implementation and submission.
  • Vineyard and winery certification procedures, as to compliance with organic and biodynamic official standards.

Make your wine dreams come true.