It’s the final countdown 🍇 ! The last critical vineyard walks have arrived, and we’re now counting down to the harvest!

The grapes are slowly ripening to offer us their new production, and we are more and more often near them, to follow the course of their maturation until the day of the harvest.

In each of our visits to the vineyards 🌱:

▪️ We check! The overall image and state of health of both the grapes and the entire plant.

▪️ We taste! We realize how ready the grapes are by the sweetness, acidity and flavor of their juice, but also by the ripeness of their skin.

▪️ We collect! A representative sample of grapes of each variety, separately.

▪️ We analyze! The must from the pressing of the berries.

Based on the tasting in the vineyard and the results of the analyses, we determine the harvest date of each variety ✂️!