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Rosé. A success story.

In a red-and-white-only world,
we took the risk to go pink.

We are proud to be the first team of oenologists that, in 2012,
dared to reintroduce, redefine and establish rosé wines in Greece.
By making them as great as can be.

Create premium Provence style rosé from Greek varieties?
Challenge accepted!

We shared with local winemakers our love for Provence style rosé. For its pale, almost white
color, light taste, for its flavors, aromas and refreshing character that reflect the temperate
climate and the rejuvenating nature of the Mediterranean.

Today, rosé is a favorite choice everywhere.
In local wineries, wine bars, wine lists, cellars, shops, orders, palates.

Some of Greece’s finest rosé labels bear our signature.

Discover our rosé work