January is traditionally the pruning month ✂️, since the vine is dormant and the circulation of juices has stopped. Pruning requires dry weather to avoid fungi inserting the wood from the wounds!

Over the years the late pruning, in March, takes place in order to avoid damages in the developing buds from spring frosts, but also to naturally disinfect the cuts through the running tears, as plant juices have begun to recirculate.

Pruning is divided into ✍️.png:

▪️ Vine pruning: Aiming to regulate the production and maintain the shape of the plant.

▪️ Pruning to shape new plants: Aiming to create the plant formation, such as bush-shaped, linear, etc.

In biodynamic viticulture things are more complex since both pruning and other viticultural techniques follow the biodynamic calendar (the work flow is based on the cycles of the Moon etc.). But more on that ..soon! Stay tuned 🌱!