The rare magic of Naxos ancient terroir, in your glass!

Our exclusive project “Tetradrahmo” signed by the French winemaker Loïc Pasquet and Panos Zoumboulis, is now released and ready to tell the story of Naxos and the God Dionysos.

A unique wine that represents our dedication and effort, to highlight the wine heritage of the island and to discover from the beginning the expression of centuries-old vineyards of the pre-phylloxera era.

It is produced from the white varieties “Potamisi” and “Assyrtiko” cultivated in vineyards located at an altitude of 600 meters on the northern slope of Naxos, in a truly exceptional terroir with ideal climatic conditions for their cultivation.

The batch of the first vintage of 2021 is limited to only 1,050 bottles, and it is our honor to officially invite you on an unforgettable journey full of emotions and history, reflected in every glass 🥂!