What does the word batonnage bring to your mind?  Batonnage: is the process in which we stir the must or wine lees so that they are suspended in the liquid.

January is traditionally the pruning month ✂️, since the vine is dormant and the circulation of juices has stopped.

Another cinematic snapshot from this year's harvest 🎥! Sorting the grapes at La Tour Melas, to produce red wines of superior quality! A very important process before vinification! The process: >> We select the best quality grapes (the uniformly riped ones, no rotten ones, no raisined/dry berries) on a sorting table, usually of 6-8 people. >> This is followed by the de-stemming of the grapes, i.e. separating the stems from the berries and removing the berries. >> Finally we sort the berries on a second vibrating sorting table of 6-8 people, to remove unwanted berries (green, raisined/dry ones). To be continued 😉..

The harvest is over and the vine has given us its precious fruits 🍇.