La Tour Melas

Achinos Fthiotida

The beginning

Kyros Melas had a vision. A Greek Grand Vin that would be on par with its French counterparts. He asked us to help him make it.
After 20 years of working passionately together, hand in hand, we have achieved so much more than that.

20 years of hard work and devotion

We meticulously studied the place, the soil, the Mediterranean climate features. As a matter of fact, the La Tour Melas estate stands really close to the ancient ruins of a Roman wine factory. Apparently, the place had oenological history and we were about to take part in its revival.

Uncovering the unparalleled potential of these grounds was a unique experience. We changed the way the vines were initially planted and created one of the most densely planted vineyards in the country, in order to make one of the top wines in the country.

The Melas project started with French varieties: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Parallelly, Panos Zoumboulis and Kyros Melas “went on another great oenological adventure” together. When Panos Zoumboulis discovered an abandoned, run-down field with 100-year-old Agiorgitiko ungrafted vines in Nemea, thought that Kyros Melas was the right person to trust with this hidden treasure. At the same time, Kyros Melas trusted Panos Zoumboulis’ instinct that the field in question was a blessing in disguise. Today, we are proud of this unique winery that gives us some of the best and most famous wines in Greece.

Here, we make wines that people will talk about. Wines that hide tons of work in their every drop. A huge effort from all of us, from the vine to the bottle.


Mission accomplished

We have been at La Tour Melas estate, since day one, guiding every step of the way. Today, we are proud to present to you a unique winery that gives us some of the best and most famous wines in Greece.

The wines