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Unleashing the potential
of an uncharted territory

On these amazing islands, we meet numerous indigenous varieties, some
well-travelled, like the “Assyrtiko”, some unknown, mysterious and unexplored. Also, the Cyclades are blessed with old and hard-to-find ungrafted vines that give us uncommon, complex wines, which express the terroir in the purest way.


The oenological potential of these grounds is incredible, and it is about to reward anyone who is willing to work seriously and responsibly in order to unlock it.


That’s what we are here for. To stand by the people who wish to make their own Cycladic wine, to guide them step by step, so that they fulfill their dream to own a production unit of exceptional quality.

Exploring unknown Greek varieties, experimenting with them and discovering their potential was definitely one of the most exciting challenges for me. A journey full of unique and enlightening experiences.



The Syros project is another success story as, here, we started from a low budget and reached really high goals. The Ousyra Winery is a family business. With patience, passion, devotion to top quality and terroir loyalty, it has been growing and growing. Now, it is the birthplace of two rare wines, of the local varieties “Fokiano” and “Serifiotiko”. In addition, a wine vinificated and aged in an impressive amphora has recently been added to the Ousyra product range, as well as a new etiquette from the Cycladic variety of “Monemvassia”.

Ousyra is a living proof of the fact that passion, dedication and little but firm steps towards your goal can lead to great achievements, even if you start from a smaller investment.



Our national flagship island when it comes to exquisite wine. Santorini’s modern oenological boom started in 1985. Panos Zoumboulis took part in it right from the start. Today, he is a Strategy Oenologist-Consultant for the main shareholder of the The Sigalas Domaine, a company founded in 1991. Sigalas, of course, is an internationally acclaimed, multi-awarded and famous name in the wine industry, as well as in the field of Mediterranean gastronomy.


On the island of Tinos, we undertook the study for a new winery of the highest standards. A winery without stainless steel, with especially designed tanks, amphorae and barrels. We carried out every necessary task and handled all the necessary paperwork, as far as the subsidization of the investment was concerned, and we achieved the grant applied for.

We have long experience as to Tinos’ terroir and the oenological character of this part of the Cyclades. We know what this place can do, and we will make sure it triumphs.


Here, we are experimenting, discovering, working with the various local varieties towards a future that does look as bright as a glass of fresh, white wine under the Cycladic August sun!

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