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Our work crosses the national borders

Bodegas Krontiras started with a field empty of vines and a phone call full of passion for excellent wine. Mrs. Silvina Macipe-Krontiras, a personal friend of P. Zoumboulis, contacted us in order to create, together with her husband Mr. Constantinos Krontiras, their own highly competitive wine, in Argentina. So, we found ourselves in Μendoza.

Initially, we planted Mr. Krontiras’ field with ungrafted vines. Parallelly, we supervised the purchase of a second field, already planted with 120-year-old Malbec vines. Actually, as soon as we set eyes on this vineyard, now called Lunlunta, we felt its potential!

Thus, we set off on an amazing wine-making journey, in a country far away from ours but quite similar in temperament as well as in temperature.

Breaking new terr… oir

In Argentina we were the first:

  • To build a pioneer winery that would operate with absolute respect for nature, in total harmony with the ecosystem of the vineyard, according to the biodynamic principles. We applied the sacred geometry rules, the golden ratio φ and the π number to create the perfect environment for winemaking and aging. We used natural insulating materials like straw, in order to save energy. There, in 2005, we started making the Doña Silvina Reserva Malbec, in the “Old World” manner. Now, the winery at Lunlunta is the jewel of the Krontiras estates.
  • To make a unique, innovative Malbec vinified in a way that till then was inconceivable. A refreshing no-oak Malbec, sealed with a screw cap, not a cork, to be served cold, at 10-12oC. At first, P. Zoumboulis was the “loco Griego” for the locals, due to this cutting-edge idea. Today, Malbec Fresh or Malbec de Verano (the Malbec of the summer), is an international hit.
  • To create wines without adding Sulphur in any of the vinification stages. Natural wines of exceptional quality.
  • To introduce Naranjo. A white wine that is vinified as a red and, as a result, has an impressive, uncommon amber color!


Apart from Malbec, we have enriched the vineyards with the varieties of Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay and Agliánico that represents our Greek roots.


The enchanting Krontiras estates by the Mendoza river, are famous all over the world. As basic part of the team, we are filled with joy and we are proud of their success.

The wines